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Illumination project preview by DrWhoFan611
Illumination project preview
This is the first time I uploaded an illumination. It is an ancient art that everyone has forgotten due to our current technology, and I one day decided to show my latest project and see what you guys think. Do you like it? Do you want to see more? Let me know in the comments.

The full(er) text is here:…

Feel free to comment here or in the Doc. to give feedback.

-All My Best,
It’s Christmas eve!
Tis the time of joy, not of grieve

It dose not matter if the gifts are too mere
For the true meaning of this time of year,
Is the message that keeps our hearts ever so warm;

Jesus Christ was born!

Merry Christmas to all
Rather you be big or small,
Black or white,
Short or tall
A Christmas Poem
This poem was made in the Christmas of 2014. I remembered when I illuminated it, and made several copies and passed them through the church. It bothered my parents, but I didn't care; it was in the the Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas!

-All My Best,

Four (and a half) men all gathered in a room, all sitting in plain metal chairs. The first one spoke.

"Hey, name is Bruce" said Bruce.

"Hi, Bruce." Everyone replied in a monotone unison.

"And I had murdered a mann, and I still feel guilty about it." Bruce finished. The next man spoke.

"Hi, I'm Joe." said Joe.

"Hi, Joe." everyone greeted him in the same manor.

"And I had beaten my wife, and she left me." he said with a dropped head. The next spoke.

"Hi, I'm Steve." said Steve.

"Hi, Steve."

"And I had been drinking for thirty years."

"Hi, I'm John."

"Hi, John."

"And I had been smoking for twenty years."

"Hi, I'm Doug."

"Hi, Doug."

"And I drink a lot of Chocolate milk."



... and the next thing I knew, I was kicked out! So, anyway, for those of you who care, this is a normal day in life for me. That is all.

Sea Shell and Green by DrWhoFan611
Sea Shell and Green
In my Photography class, we had to take pictures of objects with backgrounds. Here's one of my many combos, each made with tender care.

-All My Best,
Back in Time by DrWhoFan611
Back in Time
I saw a vest, and this comes to mind. If you get the reference, than you get a cookie. Seriously with the Hitmonlee, though, I've noticed that this is a bit of a trend now; and I like it! Have you worn this sort of outfit before?

-All My Best,


DrWhoFan611's Profile Picture
Gabriel D. Sprouse
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, My name is Leoardo Oliver Osborn (I want to change my user name to that, but it won't let me). And I make photo shop stuff. Pretty much copy and past, and edit the background, make sure they fit, then TADA! I can also make 'literature' here as well! So... YAY!!!

I will be happy to use anything you want me to use, and please make request, because I'm rusty at this, and I'm slowly putting in my old stuff, but also making new stuff. So please help me with some ideas! I can also be found in these links.

To see some of my fun commentary (that people seem to enjoy), then come here!…
If you like Team Fortress 2 as much as I do, as the same with Fallout: Equestria, then come here!…
If you want to see some Fanfics from me, and gather some more info about me (or go to my Ask-Me thing here) then come here!
Fan of MLP? ME TOO!!! Check out some of my FIMfiction here!…

Well, thanks for reading my profile, and please check out those links, check out my stuff here, and don't for get to comment on ANYTHING!!!

All My Best,
- Leonardo Oliver Osborn

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