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A dark, cold night. The light of the moon so blue. A house, so old, so abandoned. With wood ever so ancient, curtains ripped, photos and portraits yellow and blurred.

Thunder clapped, rain poured.

A girl in the age of 15, filled with sorrow for lost potential, wondered the old abandoned home.

She walked with a flashlight, and wore a simple white dress and had short ginger 50’s hair.

She looked inside of a old jewelry box, of which was covered in cob webs and had to be whipped immediately. What she found was a picture of a woman and a man, both photos yellow and faded. The man had a typical suit with typical short hair for a man of the 1800’s. And the woman looked typical too, with a simple dress and long hair.

It would have been ordinary and not worth looking into if it weren't for that fact that this young girl’s grandparents lived and died there, in that old house. They strived to make sure no one could buy their home, and their will stated that the house must die with them.

How sad it was, for it was such a waste. This house could be used as a foster home, for it was so big; yet it had only housed two people, two spoiled and materialistic people.

The girl wept, for she wanted to use this house. She wanted to make a foster home out of it. Everyone else ignores it for it’s age and dust, but she saw potential. Potential that shall never be reached.
~Find the Music: Moonlight Sonata
~Find the Music is group, game, and now a series of short poems that are written and inspired as I listen to a particular song.…

This first one was written while listening to Moonlight Sonata.

It's sad, tragic, and haunted old feel sparked the idea of an abounded house. And as I wrote, more ideas arose, and I managed to surprise myself. It felt as if I was reading something, not writing it.

I hope you enjoyed it, and suggest that you listen to this theme while reading.…

-All My Best,
The Doctor Bounch by DrWhoFan611
The Doctor Bounch
~Here's a story,
About a mann called The Doctor
An' he has seven other regenerations~

~If only,
Steven Muffet,
Had made The Eight Doctors~

-All My Best,
Not Sure if Creepy (Futurama meme) by DrWhoFan611
Not Sure if Creepy (Futurama meme)
I saw the top picture shared on Facebook by a friend, and then I came up with this. Tell me if you don't get the joke.
The Greek Personality Theory by DrWhoFan611
The Greek Personality Theory
A Greek philosopher created the theory where there are four personality types. And later on, another philosopher copied that idea and made 'The Big Five'. To help me remember which is which, I made a chart with each personality being embodied by a character I am familiar with. 

Sanguine is one who is energized and is easily bored. Always active, always friendly, unable to stay still.

Melacnholic is one who is always negative; always seeing the glass half empty.

Choleric is one who is always the leader; one with the will to give commands and not shy about it, and always keep things organized.

Phlegmatic is one who is more, as I quote, 'more of a man of action'. This sort of person lets the actions speak for themselves.


The Big Five:

Openness means always open for new ideas; always exploring.

Conscientiousness means having a well disciplined mind; filled with manors, patience; basically 'civilized'.

Extraversion is one who tries be to involved with things in order to get more attention; very easily lonely and scared.

Agreeableness is basically being gullible; always trusting.

Neutralism is being silent and mostly emotionless; able to take the most tragic and exciting of moments with a shrug and a 'eh?'.


So, now that you know the basic gist of it all, I want you to see if you can make your own chart with your own characters. If you do, please send me a link so I can see it.

(If you can think of a better category for this, please tell me)

-All My Best,
Doug_Cosply Pirate Day 2015 by DrWhoFan611
Doug_Cosply Pirate Day 2015
My costume is inspired by the 8th Doctor in The Night of the Doctor. His costume has that 19th century look that is needed to be a pirate, and I have the right cloths to match him. (mostly, I need that epic vest of his!)

My hat is originally a early-mid 20th century fedora, but I took the liberty to modify it by changing it's shape into the 18th century hat that pirates and other men worn at the time. In case you can't see, I had also worn a pair a green Ben 10 jeans and black slip on shoes.

What do you guys think?

-All My Best,


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Gabriel D. Sprouse
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, My name is Leoardo Oliver Osborn (I want to change my user name to that, but it won't let me). And I make photo shop stuff. Pretty much copy and past, and edit the background, make sure they fit, then TADA! I can also make 'literature' here as well! So... YAY!!!

I will be happy to use anything you want me to use, and please make request, because I'm rusty at this, and I'm slowly putting in my old stuff, but also making new stuff. So please help me with some ideas! I can also be found in these links.

To see some of my fun commentary (that people seem to enjoy), then come here!…
If you like Team Fortress 2 as much as I do, as the same with Fallout: Equestria, then come here!…
If you want to see some Fanfics from me, and gather some more info about me (or go to my Ask-Me thing here) then come here!
Fan of MLP? ME TOO!!! Check out some of my FIMfiction here!…

Well, thanks for reading my profile, and please check out those links, check out my stuff here, and don't for get to comment on ANYTHING!!!

All My Best,
- Leonardo Oliver Osborn

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