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Oh Playground, so abandoned, so Rusty
All memories, ever so Dusty

Twas a story that will never again be Told,
For it is far, far too Old

This story is far too tragic, and far too Sad
It makes me wonder, were you really that Bad?

-All My Best,
At an old friend's house, I found this small, old abandoned playground, and it got me thinking. I took a picture of it with my DSI, so as soon as I can find it, I will upload it as the cover. Hope you enjoy.
Yeah, it's been too long since I've last posted here. *blows dust off of profile* Welp, back to makin' do, I guess.

So, what changes are there? First there's the things with the names. I will just use one name for everything: 'Doug_'. When I get the chance I will also get a premium account so I can change my name to that. But for now, I'm stuck with just that.

So, for those of you who care: yes, I will get back to uploading things. Poems, photoshop, memes, skits, and other sorts of things are yet to come. I will try my best to make do here every Tuesday.

-All My Best,
From sociality I am forever Blocked,
Shall I ever be Free,
From this rotting Rock?
Shall anyone ever find Me?

Of course Not,
For these roots has me in Knot
Everyone has moved On,
But I haven't

Now there shall never again be another soul for me to bond

I have no Company,
Nor do I have Humanity
For I serve no Purpose,
So I am Useless

Why? Why oh why, do I Stay,
On the Earth,
That shall never again see the light of Day?

Now I shall forever stare at my Reflection,
Remembering the days of the previous Generation,
Only being entertained by the illusions in the water,
Created by my Imagination

I ever so miss the Past
And I wonder,
Why did it go by so Fast?

I Admit,
That I sometimes wish it never Happened
But no matter how much I hate It,

The world is now Blackened
Never again shall my story Continue,
For there’s no point in going on and Tred,

My story is nothing but the colors black and Blue
My story is as good as Dead
... Will the same fate happen to You...?

~ Forever Faithful,
Author Styles
Changes being made, so watch out!
> Signing Out!
I am having a Big Bang! Basically, everything I had previously made will be erased, but then comes new stuff. I'm currently cleaning things up so I can start over. My plans will be revealed as things happen. Have a nice day!

~All My Best


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Gabriel D. Sprouse
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, My name is Leoardo Oliver Osborn (I want to change my user name to that, but it won't let me). And I make photo shop stuff. Pretty much copy and past, and edit the background, make sure they fit, then TADA! I can also make 'literature' here as well! So... YAY!!!

I will be happy to use anything you want me to use, and please make request, because I'm rusty at this, and I'm slowly putting in my old stuff, but also making new stuff. So please help me with some ideas! I can also be found in these links.

To see some of my fun commentary (that people seem to enjoy), then come here!…
If you like Team Fortress 2 as much as I do, as the same with Fallout: Equestria, then come here!…
If you want to see some Fanfics from me, and gather some more info about me (or go to my Ask-Me thing here) then come here!
Fan of MLP? ME TOO!!! Check out some of my FIMfiction here!…

Well, thanks for reading my profile, and please check out those links, check out my stuff here, and don't for get to comment on ANYTHING!!!

All My Best,
- Leonardo Oliver Osborn

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