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Child, tis’ finally the Time,
For you to turn One,
But there’s still far more to be Done,
For it all just Begun,
Which is what makes it all so Divine

The parents may had been through quite the Strive,
Which makes it all the harder to Survive,
but it makes it all ever so worth it,
for the fresh feeling of a new beginning,
Has now been Revived

Love is not hating someone when they make you feel Sore,
But love them when they are fun, despite how you felt Before

To Love,
one must be able to tolerate and embrace the flaws,
And everything Above

Child, you are a new Song,
And with love and Care,
from pros to cons,
I am sure it would last ever so Long,
Rather the world is or is not Fair

Live your life the Fullest,
rather you become rich and famous,
Or simply small and the Modest

Accept any flaw and weakness that is within You,
And turn it into your Virtue

on your own,
You will find your Way,
so for now,
All I can Say;
is wish you a
Happy Birthday

-All My Best,
Your First Birthday
This was made for my aunt's baby girl's first birthday quite awhile ago. I found it, and decided to upload it.

I hope you enjoyed.
The 12 Doctor Whooves clay figures: The 2nt Doctor by DrWhoFan611
The 12 Doctor Whooves clay figures: The 2nt Doctor
This is the second edition to the 12 Doctor Whooves clay figure set. This is suppose to be the 2nt Doctor, originally played by Patrick Troughton.


I baked him the in oven at 170f for half of the 10 minutes, and improvised when the oven started to go weird by turning it to 350. In the process, the pieces started to fall, and at one point I had to bring him to my room ASAP at the last 2 minutes.

I've now learned to ALWAYS pre-heat first. Next week I'll try it at 350 for pre-heated, and fight against my little anxiousness I feel when using the oven that makes me make it as cool as possible.


The First Doctor:…

-All My Best,
For those of you who care, I am back in business! And guess what? I just finished that second Doctor Whooves clay! It's going to upload very soon.

-All My best,
Yeah, guys... I have the most tragic news... I'm... I'm... GOING ON VACACTION!!! *sobs*

That's right, my lacking of my audience, I will go to the beach for 10 days!!! For those ten days, I will spend more time in the cancer-giving sun and in the water filled with sharks and jelly-fish!
    For those of you who care, I most pronounce this as a temporary hiatus. So that means no art or literature for awhile. See ya after the vacation!

(PS: I'm actually kinda excited. It's nice to take some time off every once and awhile)

-All My Best,
The 12 Doctor Whooves clay figures: The 1st Doctor by DrWhoFan611
The 12 Doctor Whooves clay figures: The 1st Doctor
This is the first in the 12 Doctor addition, a 12-week project where I will make each Doctor as a pony out of clay.


The first one is the First Doctor, originally played by William Hartnel. The pose is suppose to be him grapping his coat with his front right hoof with his chin raised. I admit, I didn't do too well.

To make the eyes and cutiemark, I at first wanted to use paint, but that failed. So I went with a sharpie instead, and boy did it work. I dunno why, but I ended up making the eyes looking like sun-glasses instead of regular eyes. I'll remember not to make the same mistake next time.

When I baked him, I used 'bake' in the oven, not 'boil', and had the temperature for 200F, and I made sure to watch him closely. The mistake I made was being a bit too jumpy by taking him back out and checking on him every now and then like a mother constantly checking on her child who's at the playground. My mom advised me to put the temperature at 130F instead, the lowest the oven can go. And I learned to check after five minutes, not every five seconds. If five doesn't work, then I'll go with ten next time.


The Second Doctor:…

-All My Best,


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Gabriel D. Sprouse
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Hello, My name is Leoardo Oliver Osborn (I want to change my user name to that, but it won't let me). And I make photo shop stuff. Pretty much copy and past, and edit the background, make sure they fit, then TADA! I can also make 'literature' here as well! So... YAY!!!

I will be happy to use anything you want me to use, and please make request, because I'm rusty at this, and I'm slowly putting in my old stuff, but also making new stuff. So please help me with some ideas! I can also be found in these links.

To see some of my fun commentary (that people seem to enjoy), then come here!…
If you like Team Fortress 2 as much as I do, as the same with Fallout: Equestria, then come here!…
If you want to see some Fanfics from me, and gather some more info about me (or go to my Ask-Me thing here) then come here!
Fan of MLP? ME TOO!!! Check out some of my FIMfiction here!…

Well, thanks for reading my profile, and please check out those links, check out my stuff here, and don't for get to comment on ANYTHING!!!

All My Best,
- Leonardo Oliver Osborn

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